tread lightly, travel responsibly

I went to the Consulate today to apply for my student visa. On the website there was no information as to what I needed to bring, so I was actually missing a bank statement. In addition to that, you need your passport (which they have retained for now until I go back to get my visa), and letter & certificate of admission.

I applied for a D-2 student visa and that cost $132 which had to be paid in cash. Will need to make another trip to the Consulate next Tuesday to pick up my visa and hopefully all my original documents which they took.

I then went to Kinokuniya to kill time before meeting up with the other two girls who are also going to Korea next semester! Found some travel guides but thought it wise to check prices from other bookstores first. Ended up buying lonely planet’s Korean phrasebook at Dymocks (even though the price was the exact same $14.99).

I don’t actually need a phrasebook because I flipped through it and I pretty much know most of the vocab, but I thought by having it with me, I’d feel a lot more confident in getting around by myself! And the book is small and light, so why not?


7 thoughts on “tread lightly, travel responsibly

  1. oh my god, you are going to korea? omg, like now sint it??…have fun there !!!
    are you in uni by the way?
    i like how you can apply to be a student exchange there in uni^^
    i dont think my uni offers a place like tht to korea…:(
    tell me if u saw shinee?^^
    for how long exactly you are going there?

    • Yes, I am ^^. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you come across my blog?

      Yep, I’m at uni. Actually I haven’t left for Korea but will be there in 10 days! It’s exciting but I’m still extremely stressed over preparations and stuff. You should ask if you are interested in going on exchange! I’ll be there til at least the end of the year. Just one semester only though :(.

  2. I am from tumblr, not a follower though since my tumblr blog isnt really for kpop or my life, it is for other stuff like my uni assessment
    but I am from Australia, we had talk briefly last time too^^
    so I know you are from Sydney^^

    Oh only one semester? what a shame!
    Though I should really ask around at uni about exchange to KoreaXD
    What course are u doing ?:)

    • Ahh I see. You use a different username then, yes? Because this one isn’t famiilar to me at all ^^;;. But thank you for visiting & commenting!

      Yeah, it’s too expensive haha! And to be honest the entire process is so troublesome. Let’s hope it’ll be worth it lol.

      I do commerce/arts! So I’m under the Economics & Business faculty – but I’m going on exchange for my Arts major – Korean studies. What uni are you at? :o. Because how it works is the university has a partnership with other universities around the world and they ‘swap’ students, so to speak.

      • Well, good luck then in Korea~ have been there but before i know kpop so was a bit blind lol

        you know some korean then ^^ can u speak smoothly?

        I am actually not from Sydney though, I am from Melbourne
        But I am doing design course^^

        and yea that is why my tumblr is not really a fun thing lol..more like portfolioXD

      • I’ve been studying Korean, but no I don’t think I speak fluently at all!

        But thank you ^^. And I hope you manage to find out if you can go on exchange or not :).

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