Day 8: 새로운 친구들을 만났다

On Friday, I ate 계란말이김밥 (kimbap wrapped up in egg) for brunch on Siying’s behalf. I also had banana milk (바나나 우유) for the first time and had deja vu!

As soon as I tasted it, this familiar feeling came to me. I swear I’ve had something solid with the same flavour when I was a kid. I keep thinking it’s ice cream I had when I was living in HK but no name or actual image has come to me and it’s really frustrating me! I bought another one just now and will have it for breakfast tomorrow. I totally understand the big deal with banana milk now!

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Day 7: 술 많이 마셨다

(Going to make this a short post because I’m already two days behind and losing motivation to blog, yikes!)

Okay, so Thursday night, I met up with Laura for the first time at Hoegi (회기)! We had dinner with her roommate Thuy (also from America), her buddy Subin 언니, Subin’s boyfriend, Jiwon, and Eunjung 언니 (왕언니). All of them speak really good English and are all so friendly!

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Day 6: 오늘은 슈팅스타를 먹었다!

Siying left late this afternoon and I feel so deflated I don’t even want to blog about today. When Sara and Laurie-anne left, I was already really sad, but I still had Siying with me. Now, even Siying is gone and I feel so miserable alsjdkfd ;((. But I’m still at Backpackers Inside with Andrea and tomorrow I’ll be meeting with Laura and her friends! There are also other online friends who are in Seoul so I’ll try meet up with each of them so that I’ll have something to do up til when the two girls from my university get to Seoul!

I feel so whiny being homesick and all because I know going overseas on Exchange is such a wonderful opportunity and experience but I just don’t feel independent enough. But people have faith in me and I’m trying to believe I can do better than this…

Anyway! Today we went to Insadong (인사동) at Anguk Station (안국) Exit 6, to visit the cafe Yongseo went to.

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Day 4: 명동에 쇼핑하로 갔다!

This is the room Siying and I were meant to have for the first few days we arrived.

Because the system messed up, Backpackers Inside rearranged another room for us with two single beds rather than one double bed so we only slept in this room for one night. But actually, we both would’ve preferred this room to the one we were in for two nights because it is SO spacious and so comfy. The bathroom also has a higher ceiling. Continue reading

Day 3: 명동대성당 & COEX Aquarium

I went to Myeongdong Cathedral for Mass this morning! I wasn’t really sure how to get there, except to get out at Exit 8, but luckily I recognised the place from watching You’re Beautiful and had a general idea of what to look out for, not to mention the Cathedral is so big that you can see it over most of the shops we passed! After Mass, I joined Siying, who had been waiting for me the entire time, at Holly’s Coffee for breakfast.

Waffle with cream and apple blossom ice tea!

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Day 2: 110723 Music Core

I woke up at 4.30am this morning to catch the earliest train to Jeongbalsan (정발산) station, where MBC Dream Center is located. I went with Siying, Sara and Laurie-anne and we had 4 MBLAQ CDs and 3 2PM CDs (you need to have the CD of the artist you intend on lining up for as well as ID – passport is fine).

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