Green Ps!!!

For someone who hates driving/rarely drives/never drives alone, I think I’m doing pretty well passing all my tests in one go 8D. I just wish it didn’t cost so much to get a license. $38 to take the actual test and then $78 for the license. The license should be given to us for free as a congratulatory present for passing the test, okay!!

Also, my photo looks horrible so I can’t go flashing it around (not that I ever did with my previous licenses~). I look really angry/pissy and bloated. I compared my license to my last one and the only thing that has changed is that my hair has grown. I don’t think I’ll ever lose the baby fat (can I still call it that?) on my cheeks -_-.

Oh and I went to St George Bank today to ask about fees for withdrawing money overseas. It’s $5 for every transaction, plus 3% of your total withdrawn amount. I asked whether there will be fees for the overseas bank/ATM and I was told no. So that’s not too bad. Actually, it’s pretty crappy, but compared to the fees I’ve been told my friends have been charged, I think it’s decent.

Anyway, that’s another big thing ticked off my to do list for these holidays! :).


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