Had a pretty chill day today (:. Woke up at around 9 with my little sister harassing me and telling me to wake up to take her out. Ignored her for about two hours til I actually got up at 11. Took a bus to Westfield with my two sisters but we got on the wrong bus and ended up going around and around in a circle before we arrived at our final destination.

Ate McDonald’s mcwings for brunch (I am addicted to those!! They’re all I eat at Maccas now), then bought macarons from the Lindt cafe there (:. Also had an iced coffee from donut king, but a newbie served me and I ended up getting half a cup of CREAM, it was so gross.

Came home after buying more sweets (my family are obsessed with strawberry clouds and strawberry bonbons, thanks to me ^_^) and then we headed out to the park where we played for an hour-ish.

It’s been a while since I went to the park so I was having fun on the swings when my little sister came along and wanted a turn too. I ignored her and just continued swinging, then this little girl who was also at the park ran over to her mum and asked her mum to help my little sister get on the swing LOL. It was the funniest and cutest thing ever and I felt really irresponsible so I had to get off ~

Trying to enjoy my last few weeks here before I leave because the next time I see my little sister, she’ll be all grown up :(. We all know how fast little kids grow…


3 thoughts on “Shampoo

  1. awww must be adorable~
    yeah kids at tht age grow up so quickly!! i know my cousin do 😦
    miss tht cute side of himXD

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