CSJH The Grace – Dana & Sunday: One More Chance

I just watched CSJH The Grace – Dana & Sunday’s “One More Chance” MV and their comeback performance on music bank. I listened to the song for the first time when I watched their MV and though it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, I’m also not too surprised they’re trying something new.

{source: smtown}

First, I enjoyed the music video! There isn’t much of a plot and without translations, I’m not too sure what the song is about, but I found a lot of the scenes very amusing – Dana poking herself in the eye with her sunnies, Sunday tripping in her heels, and the two trying to outdo each other in front of the Press. The two are as flawless as ever, but I really wish it was a comeback with all 4 members ): !!

From the music video alone, I thought that SME/stylists were trying to give them this ‘youthful’ sort of image because of one of their dance outfits (the fluro/way too colourful one) and something about the song style just reminded me of f(x) which I wasn’t too happy with – only because this isn’t the CSJH I came to love. But! After watching their performance, I know that’s really not the case. I just panicked a little lol!

{source: UnknownCarrot170}

I found the song only okay from watching the music video (too much autotune, ugh) but I did think it was catchy even only with one listen. I enjoyed it a lot more after watching the performance. With less flashy scenes and being a live performance, I could focus more on the vocals.

As far as I could remember, Dana was always the member who had the least stage presence. I wouldn’t ever think to call her a boring performer, but I did think it was often easy for the other members to outshine her. I think she did super tonight, but I also think Sunday did even better. Or maybe I am a little biased hehe ^^;;.

It is still just their first comeback performance and it’s been a long time since they performed on a Korean music show so I’m sure it’ll only get better.

Oh! And, I realised Sunday and Luna remind me of each other! Both are fairly small-ish in size but have so much power – in terms of vocals, energy, stage presence etc. So fierce ~


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