so goodbye don’t cry

(and smile) It’s now 1am and I have 20.5 hours til I begin my “trip of a lifetime” i.e set off for Korea to begin my Exchange experience! I’m sitting here with a sore tummy right now because I’m so nervous and anxious and can’t believe this will be my last night sleeping in Sydney for 6 months. I’m honestly more scared than excited. I get homesick really easily and have in fact cried myself to sleep on several nights already – and I haven’t even left yet!

I’ve just spent a couple of hours packing and I still haven’t finished. Will pack last minute toiletries and electronics tomorrow. I plan on attending Mass in the morning and then I’ll need to head out to uni to finalise some things and hopefully get the documents I’m supposed to have before I leave the country…

My purple ugg boots! My aunty has bought me three pairs of ugg boots in the past month. One pair to wear at home and another to wear out. Unfortunately a couple of days ago, I stepped into it too carelessly and ripped the seams. She took it back to the shop to get fixed and insisted on buying me another pair to take to Korea since I won’t be getting my pair back in time. These boots are as purple as they look but I didn’t want another brown or grey pair and the black pair didn’t fit me so well, so I chose these in the end. I’m going to be judged wearing these out, but whatever!! They’re purple.

And I just wanted to say thank you to my friends who have been spending time with me and meeting up with me during the past week. I’ve been kept very busy (and gaining weight from eating out so much, omg!) but also appreciate it a lot – especially for all the small gifts and sweet messages I’ve been receiving! I’m too shy to link this blog onto my facebook or show my friends, but whoever sees this will see it.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be online once I get to Korea, but I will definitely try to write up an entry every day ^^. Promise!

I should head off to bed now and try to get my 7 or so hours of sleep (if I can).


4 thoughts on “so goodbye don’t cry

  1. I pray that you have a safe, relaxing flight, Onchyu. 🙂 Living far away from home is never easy but see this as a fun challenge and a way to really mature and grow you as an adult. (And space from family dramaramaz and other things.) And remember, you always have us! Vent away whenever life seems too difficult.

    I’ll be keeping you in my prayers~

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