Day 2: 110723 Music Core

I woke up at 4.30am this morning to catch the earliest train to Jeongbalsan (정발산) station, where MBC Dream Center is located. I went with Siying, Sara and Laurie-anne and we had 4 MBLAQ CDs and 3 2PM CDs (you need to have the CD of the artist you intend on lining up for as well as ID – passport is fine).

We arrived at around 6.30 and there was only a small group of fangirls. We first intended on going to the MBLAQ recording, because we thought that would also allow us to go into the live later in the afternoon (Infinite’s line required you to have 4 of their CDs and we figured 2PM’s line would be super long), but after speaking with the small group of fangirls there (all were foreign, btw!) we found out there would be no recording for MBLAQ, only live.

SO, then we decided to go to 2PM’s recording and later if possible, go back to MBLAQ’s line to get in for live with them. It’s technically not wrong because we are fans of both groups and had CDs, it’s just that Korean fans are apparently sensitive to this sort of thing.

Anyway, this was still really early in the morning and we were told to get back at 10.30 for 2PM’s queue so we went into a nearby cafe and just talked. Time couldn’t pass by fast enough so we ended up going to a small restaurant to eat noodle (칼국수) for 4 500W only.

You could never get a filling and satisfying meal back in Sydney at that price so that’s one thing I don’t miss!

While we were eating, we noticed the man in the store packing away delivery food and Sara or Laurie-anne said it was probably 2PM’s food. Next thing you know, some black car is pulled up outside picking up the food and it most likely was them okay!!!!1 So we ate the same food as 2PM *_*.

Ehehe anyway, as shops weren’t open at that time we decided to go back to MBC Dream Center when we spotted a small crowd! That male host from We Got Married who’s also filming some drama right now was filming a scene on the street! Probably for that drama which I don’t know the name of but often pops up on my youtube subscriptions. I tried taking a photo with him in the background but people started covering him up :/.

Fast forward about 6 hours of queuing in the heat (that’s literally all we did – just sat or stand in a queue), I decided to give up on going to 2PM recording because I didn’t want to risk not being able to go to see the live show as an MBLAQ fan. And it was the right choice because while Sara and Laurie-anne managed to see 2PM record their goodbye stage, they got cut to go into the live show, while me and Siying just managed to get in.

By the way, for those who don’t know, the official fanclub members always go in first. Since me and Siying aren’t official members, we were under the “B+” line and had to wait for all the A+ to get in first. So really, this is all luck. Of course the earlier you get to MBC and get your name on the role, the bigger the chance of you being able to go in for the whole show, but it also means less sleep, longer waiting time and increasing restlessness and stress!

We ended up sitting on the stairs because we were one of the last ones to go in; though I think they let Miss A fans even after than us rejected MBLAQ fans because a large group of them came in after the show had started and none had gone in when we had.

Taecyeon and Chansung were the special MCs for the night and boy were they loved. Before the show started, people were screaming out ‘HWANG CHANSUNG’ in high pitched voices over and over. During the show, Taecyeon kept dancing to every song and the fans would go crazy and scream for him over other artists’ performances which I thought was kinda rude, but then he really was funny/cute/adorable etc. etc. Also, when Jiyeon made her little mistake tonight, the other two were both like trying to help her ?? And when the shot was done and the lights turned off, Jiyeon did a orz on the MC stand IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!!

I’m so happy I got to see so many artists, and a few groups which I really love such as T-Ara and MBLAQ! MBLAQ fans were super loud during their performance and I was covered in goosebumps HAHA because it’s such a touching thing having so many people support you.

Miss A and After School Red & Blue were all really good. Miss A only performed half their song (since they pre-recorded) and Suzy was in her MC outfit so she looked really out of place haha but ahhhh Jia’s red hair was standing out so much! As for After School, Lizzy is soooooooooo pretty omg. She just shines from the stage! And Nana is so thin. I mean, all of After School are pretty thin, but on stage for After School Red, Nana just looked so lean and slim. Jealous!!!

Infinite also only performed half their song. I really wanted to see the choreography near the end because it’s so cool, but I got to see Woohyun pull up his shirt (even though from far away) and that about makes up for it. I wasn’t expecting it because I hadn’t had a chance to watch their other comeback performances, and in the music video, the shot cuts across his chest so you don’t see no skin, so it was a pleasant surprise *O*. Giggled about it on the way back home ahahaha.

Hyunjoong’s performance was pretty nice, too. I liked his mini album. “Kiss Kiss” isn’t my favourite performance but the fanchants made me really like the song a whole lot more. It was kinda cute, he’d sing up to “Kiss Kiss” and the fans would be like KISS KISS. The song seemed to go on forever though.

I also really liked GP Basic’s performance. Omg those kids are so good. If not for their height and being so small in size, you’d think they were all 20+ or something.

And in case you’re wondering, there are no photos because they’re not allowed. I have no idea how Onew Style always managed to take pictures or fancams because when you’re caught filming or even just holding up your phone, the security storm toward you and either grab your device off you or force you to delete it on the spot.

In summary, if you ever want to go to Mucore, go there early, find the group you want to queue with (there are groups of girls standing around or a piece of paper taped to a tree with a phone number written on it which you need to call), check if they have a recording and/or live, leave your name on the role (명단), find something to do, get back at the required time they mark names off and then sit in the queue for a few hours and hope for the best!

Okay, it’s almost 2am and I’ve had like a total of 10 hours sleep in the past 50 or so hours so I really need to sleep now. I hope I wrote down everything I needed to. Music Core was a fun experience and I will definitely do it again in the near future (I HAVE TO SEE SUPER JUNIOR COMEBACK!!!).


10 thoughts on “Day 2: 110723 Music Core

  1. wow, you reach korean safely~ and wow you are at mbc ~~ nicee~~
    i didnt know we need a certain number of cds for a certain artist or group so your post definitely helped~
    are those your friends? lucky you have some friends who is in korea so they can help you~~^^
    definitely go for suju comeback~ wanna read your side of the story~
    when will your uni start?
    and u have written so many useful things bout it!!! nicee~

    lol do i seem like a stalker ? lol, but we had talk though lol

    one question though…is it tht much diff for musicbank or inkigayo?
    or foreigners cant come to inkigayo or something?

    • Yep! We met online ^^;; but I’ve known them for /years/ so I knew it was safe to stay with them. They’re leaving though so I’m really sad 😦 :(.

      Semester starts in a month for me! But I might be traveling a bit before school starts. No, I don’t think you’re a stalker ^^. And anyway, I’m writing this blog to remember things for myself as well as help other people who plan on going to Korea for a holiday or exchange, so I’m glad you’re finding it useful.

      For music bank you have to win tickets to be able to go. I haven’t figured out how that works yet so I haven’t tried. As for Inkigayo, the process is still the same but I’ve heard from my friends that they’re less lenient and fans of newer groups usually get picked on/don’t get to go in.

  2. one of my dreams is to go these music shows TT__TT
    and i enjoyed reading this.. love how the story flows, as always ^^

    • Haha thank you so much! I always write blog entries when I’m tired or not fully awake so it’s always full of mistakes, etc. But I’m glad you still find the entries enjoyable to read :).

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