Day 4: 명동에 쇼핑하로 갔다!

This is the room Siying and I were meant to have for the first few days we arrived.

Because the system messed up, Backpackers Inside rearranged another room for us with two single beds rather than one double bed so we only slept in this room for one night. But actually, we both would’ve preferred this room to the one we were in for two nights because it is SO spacious and so comfy. The bathroom also has a higher ceiling.

At the moment, I’m now rooming with Siying and Andrea in a 3 bed room. Then after Siying leaves on Wednesday, Andrea and I will be moving to a room similar to the one in the above photos.

Anyway, yesterday (today is already the 26th, I was too tired last night to blog so I’m blogging about Day 4 on Day 5!) was Sara and Laurie-anne’s last day in Korea! We went to the Hello Kitty Cafe in Hyehwa for the last time.

Me and Sara ordered an iced green tea latte like last time while Siying had an earl grey latte.

After we bid our farewells (through many tears), Siying took me to Myeongdong while Andrea took the other two to the airport.

I needed to shop but I wasn’t really in the mood to splurge so I just bought a few shirts to get through the next few days. I really need shoes though. I took my friend’s advice and seriously packed nothing. I only have a pair of ugg boots, flats and thongs, and my flats are close to getting ruined. Also my feet/legs really hurt so I need to get a pair of sneakers today or something.

Anyway! At Myeongdong, we went to SPAO (mmmmm SJ and SNSD plastered all over walls and columns) and visited Everysing on the 4th floor. I took so many photos (of photos in Everysing lol) but I’ll only upload a few now and the rest another time in a separate post!

Late afternoon, we left to go meet with Andrea but as we were heading home it started to pour really heavily. So we took shelter in a Japanese restaurant and had dinner there!


6 thoughts on “Day 4: 명동에 쇼핑하로 갔다!


    Did you buy anything at Spao? They have some really cute shirts. OMG, all the merchandise at Everysing. Waaaaaaaaant.

    Those rooms look really nice though, especially the first one. It is quite spacious. At least you’ll have some more room soon.

    • I saw another Hello Kitty Cafe yesterday! When I go to that one, I will also take more photos :).

      I bought two tshirts from Spao but they weren’t the SNSD/SJ ones. I reeeeeally wanted the Donghae birthday one (it’s basically just all these numbers down the front of his shirt with his birthday in a different colour – so it’s simple and nice looking and you don’t have to be in fandom to appreciate) but only XL sizes were left. And then there were other shirts I wanted but my favourite members were all sold out.

      • YAY! Please do. The place looks so cute. ;A; If I ever get to go to one, I might need to be dragged out, lol.

        Oh, I know the birthday ones. I really like them – they’re very cool, particularly because they’re not so obviously fandom-related. I was actually planning to get one from eBay but I’m waiting for the price to go down first. I’m sure there are lots of SPAO outlets though – you might find one in your size there instead.

      • I haven’t seen any other SPAO outlets though! And I’ve been to at least 3 other popular shopping districts. Will have to keep looking or else hope they get more stock!

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