Day 5: Bau Haus Dog Cafe

Headed to Hongdae (홍대) yesterday to go to Bau Haus Dog Cafe (the one Taemin took his noona to on a date)! We passed by Snow Spoons, a frozen yoghurt and dessert place. I’m not a big fan of yoghurt, but frozen yoghurt is so good. The store is so clean and cute, too!

You basically pick a cup size, choose whatever yoghurt flavour you want (I picked plain, strawberry, lime, blueberry and mango), add topping or fruit, and then they weigh your cup. It costs 26W per gram.

Mine was 7 700W.

It’s been raining really heavily the past few days (this morning, some of the stations were even flooded apparently!) so by the time we arrived at the Dog Cafe, we were all completely drenched. We just had to wait a little while for a table. It’s free to enter the cafe but each person has to order a drink. And then you can just play around with the dogs! I wanted to play with the Husky so badly but the dogs ignore you unless you have food for them :(. When I finally got the Husky to stay still enough for a photo, I didn’t want to let it go!!

This dog was my favourite, omg. Just look at it ;_;.

Near the end of the afternoon, 90% of the dogs were sleeping. It was so so cute :3. The only bad thing is that they pee everywhere on the ground. Key (the dog that Taemin called Key lol) peed on Andrea’s foot/shoe. Just before we left, one of the dogs peed under a table. I hope no one stepped into it when moving into their seat…

We then met up with Siying’s friends for dinner and noraebang The noraebang in Korea is soo cool. Look at our room! We had an upstairs!

Me and Siying look so lonely haha but it’s because the others went to get ice cream (which was for free *Q*).

The staff there are really friendly too. They were excited to know we were foreigners and took a photo with us. No extra time though~ But at least the rain had stopped by the time we headed to the subway station.

Siying leaves today so I’m feeling a little ;~~~~;. Especially because we were meant to go out shopping today and it’s now storming and pouring again meaning we may have to do something else, or at least shop elsewhere. I really wanted to go to Edae today because I need new shoes! But it probably won’t be suitable in this weather. Sigh, we’ll see!


6 thoughts on “Day 5: Bau Haus Dog Cafe


    sadd i didn’t get to go to the dog cafe, i’ll live it through you guys~ LOL POOR ANDREA. PEE ON HER SHOE.

  2. Hongdae seems like such an interesting place to explore. That frozen yoghurt place + dispenser thing looks ah-ma-zing. They have such cool things over there. ;___; I adore frozen yogurt, especially mango flavour yum! I’m getting hungry now, but its too chilly here for frozen things. haha
    Wow! That dog place looks so awesome! Huskies are my dream dog! Grey ones are especially adorable when they’re puppies. That noraebang place looks great as well! Aww, the tidbit about the owners that’s so cute. Waeguk saram = foreigner, right? I’m glad you’re updating with all the sightseeing your doing 😀 Its fun to read/look at pics. But I’m confused, I thought it was meant to be summer over there? What’s with the sudden downpour? o.o

    • It was so yummy, it’s all I’ve been thinking about since I had it. I definitely need to go back again, or else find it elsewhere!

      Last time when my friend went, they had a husky with grey/blue eyes but this one had brown eyes. But seriously, Huskies are SO beautiful, that’s why I wanted a photo so badly with this one. Yep, that is foreigner haha. But I have been speaking almost no Korean and not getting any of what people are saying to me. I really need to revise my Korean so I have the courage to practice more here!

      Actually, here, rainy season is July!! But apparently this July, there’s been even more rain than ever before. This week the sudden downpour is due to the typhoon from Japan!

  3. Hm you sound like you’ve never had froyo (frozen yogurt) before. It’s quite big in SoCal and I think it all started with some Koreans brought over that idea to L.A. Anyway, OMG THE DOG CAFE!!! ;A; I didn’t know they actually sit with you while you enjoy your drink and all. My bf would love that place. I bet those dogs are quite happy too.

    Wow that noraebang upstairs section… too crazy. I wonder what happens when patrons are SO drunk that they fall off that floor… ~_~

    • That’s because I haven’t lol. It’s not that common in Australia. My friends all talk about froyo and it took me a while to realise it was frozen yoghurt.

      LOL If I recall correctly, they don’t supply alcohol at that noraebang and they probably wouldn’t let you in if you were drunk.

      But the Dog Cafe was so fun!! I definitely wanna go again :).

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