Day 6: 오늘은 슈팅스타를 먹었다!

Siying left late this afternoon and I feel so deflated I don’t even want to blog about today. When Sara and Laurie-anne left, I was already really sad, but I still had Siying with me. Now, even Siying is gone and I feel so miserable alsjdkfd ;((. But I’m still at Backpackers Inside with Andrea and tomorrow I’ll be meeting with Laura and her friends! There are also other online friends who are in Seoul so I’ll try meet up with each of them so that I’ll have something to do up til when the two girls from my university get to Seoul!

I feel so whiny being homesick and all because I know going overseas on Exchange is such a wonderful opportunity and experience but I just don’t feel independent enough. But people have faith in me and I’m trying to believe I can do better than this…

Anyway! Today we went to Insadong (인사동) at Anguk Station (안국) Exit 6, to visit the cafe Yongseo went to.

It’s such a cute little cafe, called Byeol Da Bang Mi Seu Lee Coffee (별다방미스이). Inside was fully decorated with messages and written notes.

We ate this type of lunchbox thing, just because it’s the only proper meal they have besides desserts and drinks for 5 500W. It was just rice with egg, a few pieces of spam, kimchi and seaweed! It was simple but nice :). Then we had our patbingsoo (팥빙수)!

The sticky rice balls were the best :3.

Then we went to Edae to shop for a bit! I bought two dresses, a shirt, a skirt and a pair of shorts for 54 000W! Afterwards we went to Baskin Robbins and I finally got to meet Gillian! She’s another friend I’ve known for ages (I’ve had her on my facebook for over 2 years already – she just checked). It feels crazy meeting everyone I’ve known on the internet in Seoul. Of all places!

Everything here is so fancy! In Sydney, the Baskin Robbins store is like 5m by 5m, I swear. But here there’s another level and it’s so spacious.

Our polaroids! Stupid Siying complained I always smile with the same face so I showed my teeth and posed with a v sign.

And this is my ice cream cone! The flavours I had were cotton candy and shooting star.

Shooting star didn’t taste as nice as the name sounds but there are pieces of popping candy in the ice cream. So fun *_*. And cotton candy tasted as good as the real stuff so that made up for it. These flavours we don’t have back in Australia! Going to try the other unique flavours the next time I go (:.


4 thoughts on “Day 6: 오늘은 슈팅스타를 먹었다!

    • I’m pretty sure there are enough places here in Seoul for me to go to a different place for all 3 meals for my entire time here. But I like going to the same places that taste good … not that I’ve been to the same place twice yet (except for HK cafe) but that’s just me ;~;.

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