Day 7: 술 많이 마셨다

(Going to make this a short post because I’m already two days behind and losing motivation to blog, yikes!)

Okay, so Thursday night, I met up with Laura for the first time at Hoegi (회기)! We had dinner with her roommate Thuy (also from America), her buddy Subin 언니, Subin’s boyfriend, Jiwon, and Eunjung 언니 (왕언니). All of them speak really good English and are all so friendly!

After dinner, we went to eat MORE. But I think the main purpose was to drink lol. In total, 9 bottles of makgeolli (막걸리) were ordered, but some people left and others joined us. We ate seafood pancake (파전) and a lot of other foods too, but I didn’t think to take photos of them and I never found out the name of them either ):

At around 11pm, I was already falling asleep so for the first time since I’ve gotten to Korea, I headed home by myself! I got onto the wrong platform and had to race back to the other side, only to see I missed the metro (okay I’ve been calling it like the subway and train but it’s called the ‘Seoul Metro’ and trains here are another system so I’m just going to stick to calling it the Metro from now on) by 10 seconds! I then had to wait another 15 minutes.

I wanted to sign up for Gongchan’s birthday party which started at 00.00am, so I had like 25 minutes to get home, but I still had to change lines and wait for that too. In the end I got home at 12.02am and realised I couldn’t even view the thread grrrrr. Fortunately Gillian signed up for me! No idea whether I’ll be lucky enough or not to get in, but…we’ll see!


4 thoughts on “Day 7: 술 많이 마셨다

  1. Nooooo, don’t you stop blogging!xD I don’t always have the time to comment and i’m not sure of how I found your blog, but now i’m always checking it – mainly because i’m jealous ㅠ.ㅠ oh and also because i’m also going on Exchange (not to SK unfortunately) and i was thinking of doing the same, is it too difficult to update and stuff?
    Have fun 🙂

    • Haha, don’t worry I won’t! I just haven’t been blogging as I’ve been doing things. Mostly because I’m lazy and I get way too tired when I’m home. But it’s not difficult or anything.

      Thank you so much for reading! I don’t expect a comment on every entry or anything, I’m just happy people enjoy my posts :).

      Where will you be going on exchange?

      • Believe me, if I was in Korea right now I’d be all like ‘bah, blog posts? Maybe tomorrow…’ on a daily basis.
        I’m even lazier, so that’s going to be one hell of a challenge. xD

        I really love this kind of travel journal blog style,so even if I don’t comment I always end up checking your adventures.

        Brussels, Belgium, not even near as exciting but oh, well, one step at a time. xD Also, i’m portuguese so it’s not like a dramatic change, but I know it will be lots of fun (especially the part where I have to learn dutch, i foresee so many fails in this area hahaha).

        Oh, just one question, what will you be studying at Seoul University?

      • HAHA I still haven’t caught up on my posting. I just do one post a day, so I’m forever one post behind sigh.

        Ooh Belgium. I’m sure you’ll have your own exciting adventures there 🙂 :).

        Actually, I’ll be at Yonsei university. Just that the Korean friends we’ve been making go to Seoul university. I’ll be studying Korean and if I get to enroll, Korean cultural classes as part of my Korean studies major back home :).

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