Day 8: 새로운 친구들을 만났다

On Friday, I ate 계란말이김밥 (kimbap wrapped up in egg) for brunch on Siying’s behalf. I also had banana milk (바나나 우유) for the first time and had deja vu!

As soon as I tasted it, this familiar feeling came to me. I swear I’ve had something solid with the same flavour when I was a kid. I keep thinking it’s ice cream I had when I was living in HK but no name or actual image has come to me and it’s really frustrating me! I bought another one just now and will have it for breakfast tomorrow. I totally understand the big deal with banana milk now!

At around 8.30pm, we headed out to meet with Laura and all the 언니s we met the day before. Unfortunately we weren’t being careful enough and caught the metro in the wrong direction. We also didn’t realise until 5 stops later when we were meant to get off and ended up being so late that by the time we arrived at Cheongryangri (청량리) Station, everyone was gone.

See, neither of us have a (working) mobile phone. Mostly because phones here are really complicated and work on a different system and also because we haven’t had time.

After a lot of confusion and waiting at Hongdae (over 1.5 hours), which was meant to be the final destination, they finally found us! Laura and Subin 언니 weren’t there, but we ended up meeting so many other Koreans and foreigners who were doing the same summer program at Seoul University with them!

We first went to eat and get some drinks. I only had an iced tea though because I figured we’d be drinking again later and I wanted to make sure I would be O K. I got teased, but whatever ~~ I do what makes me comfortable and keeps me safe (:!

At around 1am when a few more joined us (I think at some point we were a party of over 20), we headed off to Club Naked. Entry is 5 000W for females and 10 000W for males, and everyone is entitled to a free drink of up to 5 000W.

I had my first tequila shot! One of the guys there was trying to teach me how to drink it, but it was extremely loud in the club (duh) and so I had no idea why he wanted me to lick my hand!!!! Omg. So for those of you who are as nooby as me, you’re supposed to lick your hand and put salt on it (just so the salt can stick/you have somewhere to put it), lick up the salt, take your shot then suck on your lemon. It didn’t taste too bad but alksjflskdjf omg I could feel it burning. I prefer it to soju though. And I had a vodka + cranberry juice which tasted very nice :).

So, we danced and danced, then at around 4-ish, Jonggon took me and Andrea out and bought us ice cream, woohoo! We went back into the club again but then left at around 5am. Only to go and eat and drink more. Koreans!!!!!! Seriously ~_~.

Also, people on the street just grab at you like you’re some whore they’ll take home. Sorry for the language, but it freaked me out omg. I was crossing the road and this man pulled me back. EXCUSE ME, I HAD SOMEWHERE TO GO!!!! So be careful if you’re out late at night/early in the morning! Well you’re supposed to be careful all the time, but this is the sort of thing that happens here at those hours. I guess people just assume you’re like…wild, idk.

I decided to leave at 6am though, when some of the others were going back to their dorms. I didn’t realise it was already bright out, but that wasn’t all that surprising compared to the amount of people I saw out on the streets. It looks like it’s 2 in the afternoon or something, right?

The rest of the morning of Day 9, was spent sleeping. I woke up at 2pm and Andrea came home an hour later.

After a bit of rest and some laundry, we headed out to Hyehwa to have ramen for dinner.

3 500W only!

Restaurants and cafes here often have photos/messages wall. I think they’re really cute! But haven’t left anything yet :3.


4 thoughts on “Day 8: 새로운 친구들을 만났다

  1. Whoo, partying~ Did they play a lot of K-pop at the club? I just wonder because they /always/ seem to be playing 2NE1 at clubs in K-movies or dramas, lol.

    You should definitely get ample rest before you go out again though. And wow, you’ve been there for a week already! Look at that. The incident with that man grabbing you sounded really creepy though. T___T I guess he was drunk? At least you didn’t have a hard time getting away from him. 😐

    • No! They actually only played like one kpop song if I recall…

      I’m not even sure if he was drunk or not, because when I turned back he seemed to know what he was doing ~_~.

      And yeah, I’ve been resting every second day. Usually we go out late at night because Andrea sleeps in til like, 2/3pm and so I just sit on my laptop waiting for her to get up lol.

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