Day 10: Dance Battle @ Noise Basement

On Sunday, Jonggon (one of the guys we met Friday night) took us to a dance battle! It was called ‘Krump Session Vol.10’, and was a battle for krumpers. Entry was 15 000W and took place at a club in Hongdae called Noise Basement 1 (NB2 is across the road).

I don’t dance myself but I love watching dance, and this was my first time going to a dance battle, so I was extremely excited. It Jonggon’s friend was called Big J, and came second in the competition! We also met two of Jonggon’s other friends who are also dances. One does hip-hop and the other popping.

The dance battle itself was soo good and crazy intense. The kid who won/beat Big J is 17 and cried when he was announced the winner. It was so cute, because he looked ready to kill when he was dancing, but afterwards he was all ^____^ and crying alsjdfkd.

The MC was also really attractive hasalfknf :Q_______. He looked a lot like Arron from Fahrenheit, but picture a manlier version – taller and more buff. AND HE HAD A REALLY NICE VOICE.

This is him.

He had a special performance and he’s the only one I took pictures of while dancing because he’s just too attractive to pass up LOL.

Anyway, this is us with Big J. He’s all big and scary appearance wise, but he’s actually really cute and timid!!

And this is Monster Woo! He’s like, King of Krumping or something and has choreographed some of Big Bang’s dances. So I’ve indirectly…touched Big Bang.

After the dance battle, Jonggon and his Popping friend took us to this restaurant to eat chicken (cooked western style). Big J and hip-hop friend later joined us.

We had chicken in carbonara sauce, broccoli sauce (I love broccoli, but broccoli sauce is a little odd) and sweet chilli sauce! No one liked the sweet chilli chicken except for Jonggun who ordered it LOL.

Later when we went back home, I finally went to artbox to buy the backpack that I’ve been wanting to get since I saw it. It’s white with pandas all over it. SOUNDS DAMN CUTE, RIGHT? Too lazy to take a picture, but I’ll be using it in the near future – even though I haven’t worn a backpack in like 7 years.


5 thoughts on “Day 10: Dance Battle @ Noise Basement

  1. omg, I love dance battles/dancing showcases/etc!!! I went to a local bboy one last Saturday too! haha Your trip looks so fun! I am getting so so envious of all this food you’re eating, and all those cute little cafes you get to visit! Oooo, that mc guy looks yum. I approve. HAHA.
    Nice of your new friend to take you to events like this, I find things like this representing the culture, so much more fun that tourist sites where all you do is look. If you get what I mean. Like that atmosphere/vibe/energy would have been crazy awesome to experience. Aww, Big J sounds like such a cool guy to hang with and his name is definitely fitting. Aww the winner! ‘
    ‘So I’ve indirectly…touched Big Bang.’ LMAO that is pretty cool! Keep blogging, I love seeing all the place you’ve visited 🙂

    • I love all the cafes here alskdjflkjsd like if I was a student, I’d love to just chill out at a cafe and study rather than going home and just turning my laptop on and procrastinating. I hope I’ll get to do that once semester starts :).

  2. I am SO JEALOUS, omg. As soon as I saw these pictures, I went, “SHE WENT TO A DANCE BATTLE?! OMG, HOW AWESOOOOOOOOME”. Seriously, that scene looks so fun and vibrant and it sounded like you had a great time. That’s very cool. Hm, Big J doesn’t look very scary to me but it’s probably just the picture, lol.

    Can’t wait to see your backpack. Those are generally my bags of choice. I’m sure it’s adorable.

    • I didn’t know you were into dance battles too!? And yeah, it really was so fun :). I can’t even describe. Like, you get there and you just get INTO it. Haha in the picture he’s being cute. But when I first saw him, I was honestly a little intimidated. Lucky he greeted me first and asked where I was from or I’d never have the guts to talk to him hehe ^^;;.

      I still haven’t used my backpack yet. Scared to get it dirty ._.

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