Day 11: Pineapple Soju

Yesterday was a not so eventful day (much like today). Waited for Andrea to wake up and we went to Tom n Tom’s for pretzels and coffee. I didn’t bring my camera, so no photos. I had a cream cheese pretzel that cost 3 200W. They make it fresh as you order so the waiting time was a little long, but so worth it~

At night, we went to Kondae (건대입구) to meet up with Priscilla (an lj friend of mine)! We arrived a little earlier than expected, so Andrea and I went to Cino Cafe.

So spacious and nice right?

We met up with Priscilla at 7 and she took us to eat chicken! We ordered 춘천닭갈비 with cheese.

Looks good right? Okay it looks kinda yucky, all lumpy but it was really delicious!

After dinner we went to have soju. I should’ve taken a photo of the shop from the outside because I can’t remember what it’s called. You get your own little booth/small room and there’s a TV inside too.

We ordered this fruit mix with yoghurt (which tasted … interesting) and pineapple soju, and watched Mean Girls!

We left a little after 11pm because Priscilla has work in the morning.

Streets of Kondae at night!


2 thoughts on “Day 11: Pineapple Soju

  1. That cafe looks awesome. How was the pineapple soju? I’m going to assume you liked it since you named this entry after it.

    • Haha I just name my entries with whatever XD. The pineapple soju had a stronger alcohol taste than the lemon soju so lemon soju is still up the top!

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