Day 13 – 14: All we do is eat

On Wednesday, we had Brunch at Cafe 205′ which is the cafe underneath the main building of Backpackers Inside.

The couple who work there are very friendly and speak perfect English. Though, Andrea did ask for extra toast and we didn’t get any …

This cost 8 000W and came with coffee. I didn’t want an Americano so I asked for a iced mocha which is valued at 1 500W more, but because we ate in, no extra cost was charged (:.

For dinner, we went to Cafe T+ (or T+ Restaurant).They ask whether you want to have a meal or coffee + cake.

We ordered spaghetti and pizza and were given free drinks and ice cream. Definitely going back there again! Hehe.

After dinner, we decided to try our luck with getting a mobile phone. We went into a shop that said “Foreigner Welcome”, but really, they spoke very little English. The first guy who served us kept doing things wrong (we decided he was probably new because he was dressed in a shirt and nice pants while everyone else was just wearing a tee) and would say “Sorry sorry, wait a moment!”.

After choosing a phone, we were then kept waiting for well over an hour because they had problems with Andrea’s passport/name. In the end we were told we couldn’t pick up the phone til the next day, which was today.

The process was tedious for the man working, and tiring for us because we just sat around waiting for many hours.  So to cut a long story short, Andrea finally has a phone, and we have a way to communicate with others, other than using the internet!

For dinner, we had 자짱면. But ehhh it was kinda disappointing ):. Not really complaining though, since it only cost 3 800W!

Stopped by Baskin Robbins for dessert and snapped a few pictures of their cute cakes. THE SNOWMAN IS THE CAKE KYU WON HAD IN HEARTSTRINGS!!!

I had a Snowman special again. Tried ‘Lovestruck Strawberry’ (사랑에 빠진 딸기) and ‘Cookies and Mint’! I originally wanted cotton candy again but they had none left. And then I wanted choc chip mint but there are certain flavours you have to pick if you want the special cone.


2 thoughts on “Day 13 – 14: All we do is eat

  1. Those cakes are adorable, omg! And hey, if there were so many cute cafes where I lived, I would never eat at home.

    So what’s a typical Korean breakfast like then?

    • Ummmmm probably kimbap ?? We have a “korean breakfast” when we go wait for mucore. So we order like kimbap and non spicy noodles in my case!

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