Day 16: Teen Top @ 110806 Music Core

(Day 15 – Super Traxx Concert 2011 is still in my drafts, I’ll publish it as soon as my photos and videos are uploaded!)

I haven’t slept properly in the past close-to-48-hours. After Super Traxx Concert, we headed out for chicken and got back home around 1-2am. Since I wanted to go to Music Core to see Suju’s comeback, I decided I wasn’t going to bother sleeping because I’d have more difficulty getting up at 5am, than not resting at all.

At 5.30am, I met Morgane and headed off to Hyehwa Station. We caught the metro to Chungmuro (충무로), and there I met Joelle, Bonnie and their friends Chuck and Jeanne. We then started our long ride (19 stops!) to Jeongbalsan where MBC Dream Center is.

We arrived at around 7am and already, outside the Dream Center was packed full of ELFs. We couldn’t even walk on the side walk. We decided to line up for Teen Top. I was tossing up between them and MBLAQ, actually, but there were just so many people that after we found the Teen Top fans and put down our names, we didn’t even bother looking for MBLAQ’s fans.

(6 rows of fans for Suju, leading all the way to the end. Siying tells me 600 fans went in for the recording.)

At around 10am, we had to get back to line up. I was number 44 and was pretty excited because they weren’t going by official fans vs. unofficial fans (or so I thought) and was confident we’d all get in for the live show.

Queue for Teen Top from me onwards.

12pm was when Teen Top had their recording. We were so lucky to get the center seats, too! We watched the staff set up the stage (man, so much work goes behind setting up a stage for just one performance, and then taking everything down and setting up the next stage) and a few fans noticed Neil standing behind one of the massive boards. Of course people started squealing and whether it was intentional or not, the staff then shifted the board across to cover him up.

When Teen Top finally came on stage to record, fans went crazy. Their screams are extremely high pitched. Most of them call the boys ‘oppa’ so you can imagine how young they are. I swear some of them are not past the age of 10 or 12. They are so tiny and baby faced!

Anyway, Chunji waved first and everyone went crazy. Then Ricky waved and fans screamed again. During their first recording, they lacked energy but we figured it was because they’d be doing the song a few more times. After the third recording, Changjo sent a heartbeam to the fans and everyone started screaming. He put his hand to his ear to signal louder chants and fans complied. Then he fist pumped. IT WAS SO CUTE AND FUNNY!!!!

I think it was the 4th recording that kept stuffing up. They got cut off twice and you could tell it was really sucking their energy because they were trying hard to keep their breathing steady. Finally, by the 5th recording (which is the broadcasted one), they were all hot and sweaty. Neil’s hair was pretty wet from his sweat.

This is exactly why they need to share the lines more because he sings so much of the song that he probably gets the most tired. And another problem with the unequal division of lines is that in the performances, the camera is on him and Chunji for 90% of the time, while Changjo and Ricky share a verse and CAP and L.Joe a rap. So from watching the recording, I was able to watch each member dance. And ughghgahslhsdlfkjsdlkf I just really really love the choreography.

One thing I noticed – the boys are TINY! All of them were shorter than the staff. (Later, they came down the stairs into the main hall and basically walked through the fans. They walked right by Jeanne who said Chunji was only a tiny bit taller than her so he must be my height or something. They still have time to grow though! Hehe, little underage boys~~) And their legs are soooo thin!! They’re all really good looking too, especially CAP and L.Joe. Omg I couldn’t take my eyes off L.Joe, especially every time he did like a head flick and his perm went poof poof on his head. I was mesmerised *__*.

After this, everyone made a heart beam – except for L.Joe. HAHA HE IS TOO COOL OKAY. But actually, after everyone went off stage and the lights were off and Joelle was complaining to Bonnie about L.Joe not giving a heart, he finally made one :3 :3.

Teen Top fans got to stay inside for Mighty Mouth’s performance. And ahhhh Shorty J is so freaking cute! The camera zooms in on him at the start of the song and he kept doing all this aegyo ahahaha. After the first recording, Sangchu took off his sunnies and asked if he should keep them on or not and someone was like ‘YES YOU LOOK GOOD’ and so he was all 8DDDD.

I love their balloon. Purple with white stars! Prettiest fanclub balloon, imo. But ugh, I look like death, having had no rest and being out in the heat for a long period of time ):.

We got kicked out after that and the fan staff told us to get back by 2.30pm. We went into Natuur ice cream shop and I just ordered a peach iced tea.

They were all posing in this photo, but only because I ‘woke’ them up getting my camera out, so they offered to pretend to sleep again so i could snap a photo of what music core does to us!

At 2.30pm, we got back in line, ready for our CD check. BUT……….Teen Top fans had to fulfill another requirement in order to get in for the live show – their ringtone had to be “No more perfume on you”. I had no ID, I just gave them Andrea’s phone number and thought it acted as some sort of idea, but then the fan staff asked me if I had that song as a ringtone or not and I said no, SO SHE SENT US TO THE BACK OF THE LINE ;__;. From 44 we jumped to behind the person numbered 144. Omg, I was so sad, and by then we were all pretty deflated. But none of us were willing to leave yet, hoping we’d still get in for the live show, even if it meant standing up at the back or sitting at the steps.

ELFs were let in first, then After School fans, 2NE1 and I think Infinite? MBLAQ, ZE:A and Teen Top fans were left. By now, it was actually starting to storm and heavy raindrops were falling, though at random intervals. A group of MBLAQ fans were let in, then a group of ZE:A fans, then another group of MBLAQ and then another group of ZE:A fans. I was already crying on the inside because I could hear the show already started and the security guards were actually closing the door. Finally, the fan staff apologised to us since we waited so long but there’s nothing she can do and eventually even she left.

After a lot of lajsflkdflkflkdjfldjlkdf, we all decided to leave before the storm really hit. As we were walking back to the station though, there was an extremely heavy downpour. We arrived at the station soaked, drenched, and a little cold. I had a nap while on the way back home but because I was still wet and the aircon was on, I ended up feeling really cold and could no longer sleep.

I got back to the guesthouse at 5.30pm? Went to the main building with Andrea because she had to ask about a nearby clinic and I fell asleep. Then we went to have Korean BBQ because I really wanted to eat rice!

And that pretty much sums up my day. It’s 9.15pm right now and I’m extremely tired. But I’m going to finish watching my tvb drama and then maybe call it a night since I have Church tomorrow morning.

I’m pretty upset I didn’t get to see Super Junior today because I can’t go to Inki tomorrow and that’s their 5th jib comeback missed even though I’m right here in Korea. Sigh!!! But at least it wasn’t a day entirely wasted since I did get to see Teen Top and Mighty Mouth! Maybe next time I’ll go back to lining up with MBLAQ ^^;;.


6 thoughts on “Day 16: Teen Top @ 110806 Music Core

  1. panda bag!!! show me a bigger photo!
    too bad you didn’t get to see sj (after staying up all night too) tho. NOW YOU CAN SLEEP.

    • WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH ABOUT THAT DAMNED BAG?? They write numbers on our wrists in permanent markers and it got all over my bag I’m so angry. There’s blue splotches everywhere :(.

  2. I’m sorry you didn’t get in to see Suju. :((( And after such a long wait too. Anyway, even if you don’t see their comeback stage, maybe you’ll be able to get in to watch at least one of their performances. It’s so much trouble just to get into those recordings though – what a pain.

    Take care of yourself though. Don’t get sick. Maybe you should get a cute raincoat to carry around just in case and you can keep it in your little panda bag.

    • It really is :(. I wish there was a better system. But I figure this is really the only way. No pain no gain. If you were just to leave your name on the website or something then if you’re slow, you’ll always miss out. Sigh, idk.

      Haha you’re so cute Kris! Actually Siying bought me a raincoat but I don’t like wearing them because they’re inconvenient to pack away – like a wet coat, basically. But in typhoon-like rains when umbrellas are useless, they’re probably the only solution.

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