Day 17: 과일빙수

Finally caught up on some much needed sleep yesterday. I woke up at 7.45am to get ready to go to church, struggled to stay awake through mass, then came home at 10.30am and napped til 3pm!

For dinner, we had Mcdonalds because Andrea was craving a burger and I wanted fries (after seeing Kyu Won and Lee Shin feed each other on Heartstrings alkdjsfjsdf).

We ate our food too quickly, so we weren’t 100% satisfied and decided to go to Hello Kitty Cafe for some patbingsu (just so I could tell my mum I had some fruit hehe).

This cost 9 000W and Andrea ordered an iced chocolate as well for 4 200W. The patbingsu was SOOOO good, even better than the one we had at Miss Lee Cafe (sorry Siying! haha). I already want to go back for another one!! But I also want to try the ones at Paris Baguette too. There’s still time 8D.

Just a short entry (about food, what’s new?) because we wasted a lot of the day sleeping (again, what’s new?) but I swear we’ll get up to more exciting stuff when Rose and Jha Hyun (from my Uni) arrive! They’ll be here on Sunday (:!


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