Day 18: Korean Hof

On Monday, we met up with Priscilla for the second time as she will be busy before she leaves Seoul and it might be our last chance to see each other.

Before meeting up with her, we had pajeon again but it was really disappointing. It wasn’t cooked properly and only the edges were crispy ):.At Gangnam, we waited for Priscilla inside Caffe Bene. Two Koreans suddenly approached me and asked if I was Korean. They were new employees of Samsung and needed to interview foreigners on what they thought of the Samsung company. The questions they asked were so similar to an assignment I did in Consumer Behaviour. They filmed the interview, too, but I hope they won’t ever disclose it…

For dinner, Priscilla took us to a place called Junco (준코) which is a Hof (type of pub?). I googled the word ‘Hof’ and it’s supposed to be some konglish word meaning beer or something. Priscilla recommended this place because they give unlimited side dishes. And these aren’t just your usual kimchi and pickle side dishes – there was tonkatsu, spring roll, steamed egg, tuna salad, butter corn, cold noodles (냉면) and patbingsoo!

So all this came for free! And you’re allowed to ask for more *_*.

Of course, to get the side dishes you have to order their set menus. We ordered shrimp + potato (I was craving crinkled-cut chips so badly!!!) and bulgogi which turned out a lot spicier than expected!

After dinner, we went to noraebang for an hour, but we were given some extra time.

At around 11pm (??) we went back to Hyehwa and met up with Eunjung and two of her new friends. Together, we went to Warawara to drink.

I tried this plum soju (매화수) for the first time because Eunjung really likes it, but it tasted so bad. We ordered 6/7 bottles of it, just because it was cheap, but to me, it’s even worse than soju. We also ordered pineapple soju and kiwi soju. Both were delicioussssssss, especially the kiwi one! But they cost about 3 times the price :/. I still say they were worth it though.

Fell asleep at the restaurant at around 4am? Then walked home at around 5am because I didn’t want to stay out with the others anymore.


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