Day 20: Han River 한강

Yesterday I met Andrea’s TA, Yunjeong for the first time. We went to watch Rio together at COEX’s Megabox. I wanted to watch Rio while I was in Australia but never had the time to. So I’m glad I got to watch it here in Seoul! The movie was really enjoyable and makes me want to go to Rio de Janeiro now! Everything there looks so fun and colourful.

After the movie, we decided to go to Han River since it wasn’t raining and Yunjeong really wanted to go have chicken and beer by the river. She called up a friend and asked for directions but her friend actually wasn’t too sure so we ended up getting lost. We went to Ddeoksum station (뚝섬숨) and took Exit 8 towards Seoul Forest (서울숲).

Inside the ‘forest’ (park, really) were small areas for kids to play. I found this long long slide, similar one I saw in a video on youtube about the longest slide in the world (I think it’s in Japan). Obviously this one wasn’t that long but it was pretty steep and I slid down so fast I couldn’t get any photos because I was just a massive blur. But it was really fun!

We asked for instructions to get to Han River, but after an hour of walking, we decided to just take a taxi. While we were in the taxi, I saw the part of the Han River where water spouts off a bridge with lights lined up right along. It was so pretty, and I assumed that’s where we were going but the driver took us all the way to the end of the River (near 이촌).

The end we got off at wasn’t too exciting and was actually pretty bare. It was a whole lot of empty space, and then a 7/11. We bought fried chicken from there (so so good) and later ice cream, too.

This is the view from where we sat. I tried using different settings on my camera to take photos and this is the one where it came out the nicest.

Next time I go to the Han River, I’m going to look for the pretty lights and waterfall off the bridge!


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