Day 21: 결막염에 걸리다

So after Andrea’s trip to the eye clinic, I grew paranoid and wanted to get my eyes checked out too. Sure enough, I’ve also gotten conjunctivitis. I can’t say I was surprised since Andrea and I spend every sleeping and waking moment together. Luckily, I’m still at an early stage of the infection and so it should be okay in a few days. My trip to the clinic was an interesting experience. The nurses there don’t speak any English and the doctor only spoke a bit. So communication was definitely hard, but I managed to get by. However, when the nurse tried explaining to me why I can never wear soft contact lens again, I got really confused. Another patient who was standing beside me at the time offered to translate. But even with her help, the only message I got was that if I don’t want to wear glasses, I have to either wear hard lenses or get surgery. Errr…no way can it be that serious.

After that, I went to buy my medicine. I forgot to get a receipt until I got home and emailed my travel insurance company so I had to make another trip back. The lady who served me this time was so scary, unlike the man who first served me. But I got what I needed and left…

At night, I met up with Bonnie and her sister and we just went to Tom n Toms coffee. Everything is pretty much the same as back in Sydney…though I can’t remember if there’s also pretzels in the Sydney store?

I had a cream cheese pretzel and a green tea tomchino :). So good.


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