Day 22: China Factory

Yesterday, we met up with Bonnie, her sister and Chuck for lunch! Though a meal at 3pm-ish is more considered afternoon tea, right? We went to a Chinese restaurant located coincidentally in the same building as the eye clinic, called Chinese Factory.

There were no prices listed on the menu but as the waitress was already ushering us in, we thought why not!? Fortunately the prices were decent. From 11am to 4pm, it costs 17 800W (19 500W including tax) and you have a choice of choosing 1 premium dish, or 3 regular (I suppose) dishes. Because there were 5 of us, we chose 3 premium dishes and 6 regular dishes.

This was only half of what we ordered.

On top of that, we were allowed to have unlimited dimsums and dessert from the buffet bar 8). It was a really good deal.

Honestly, the dimsums were only okay but it’s been too long since I’ve had yum cha so I’m happy with whatever; the fruit was fresh and the ice cream yummy – and it was all technically free, so why complain?

After this oh so fulfilling lunch, we decided we needed to walk around for the food to move down our system and digest. We actually live one street away from Sungkyunkwan University and since Bonnie and I are big fans of SKKS, we decided to do a bit of exploring.

We just walked in, not knowing what to do/where to go, but when we eventually found the old buildings, we realised there was an old man walking around and closing off all the exits.

Out of fear of being locked in, we found the nearest door and walked back out, only to discover a sign that said the area (we were in) closes at 5.30pm which was right at that moment, lol!

After that, we decided to continue exploring Hyehwa, walking up the street (in the opposite direction of our guesthouses) to see what else we could find. But then it started sprinkling and we ended up walking back down and taking refuge in the 7th Wave Coffee Cafe.

We stayed there for a couple of hours just chatting and spazzing every now and then.

For dinner, we went to a Japanese restaurant, again around Hyehwa, and had ramen (:.

Korean ramen is good and all, but I prefer Japanese ramen (when given the choice) because it’s thicker, soaks up the flavour of the soup more and tastes less like it was made in 2 minutes lol.

Taking longer than 2 minutes to finish the ramen is a different story though…


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