Day 23: Ice Cream is the best medicine

On Saturday, I was feeling kinda pms-y. Spent the whole day at home, only going out to the nearby bakeries to buy food. At around night time though, Andrea suddenly mentioned the ice cream fondue at Häagen-Dazs, and I decided I just had to have it then and there. I tweeted Bonnie who then joined is in the hunt for the closest Häagen-Dazs store!

It wasn’t too far, just tucked away in a small alley on the other side of Hyehwa Station, near all the other restaurants and pubs.

The fondue cost 26 000W. Ngl, we were all a little disappointed when it arrived because in the pictures we saw around the menu and in the stores, the ice cream scoops looked a lot bigger. Also, there was very little chocolate sauce. We finished it when we were halfway through the food? :|. It was deeeeeeeeeeelicious though. The ice cream was heavenly. I’ll go back for a waffle or just ice cream next time *___*.

Anyway, because the fondue wasn’t completely satisfying, we then went to Caffe Bene for waffles. I’M SUCH A PIG LOL.

I ordered a Blueberry Yogurt Waffle! It was alright. The blueberry was warm so it made me feel really thirsty. I’ll just stick to waffle x ice cream next time.


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