Day 24: Itaewon 이태원

Usually on Sundays, after waking up early for mass, I go home and take a nap. Last Sunday though, as soon as I got back, I had to pack everything to get ready to move rooms. Two other girls from my uni are coming to Korea on Exchange and we were going to stay together, meaning the 4 of us needed a new room with enough beds!

What our current room looks like from the corner of my bunk.The move was extremely tiring and exhausting because 1) it was very humid that day 2) the new building we were going to was up a slope 3) we were on the second floor and the steps were very narrow 4) Andrea has too many suitcases T_T. We made it after three trips.

After having time to catch our breaths, we headed off to Cafe 205 for lunch!

We shared a club sandwich and a ham and cheese panini with a green tea latte/cafe latte. So so good. 10000x better than the brunch we had there.

My friends were arriving that night so we had a whole afternoon to spare and decided to venture off to Itaewon! A lot of Korean people we met kept insisting we needed to go to Itaewon, but honestly…that place was really disappointing. It was really just one street, the shops weren’t that great, nothing was really special about the area and there just wasn’t much to do there.

The only distinctive feature is that there were probably more foreigners than locals in that area. I did buy a pair of vans at an ABC Mart and we found an American diner. But that was pretty much it.

Oh and there was this dog just sitting on a motorcycle on the street.

So cute, but also extremely random. The dog was by itself. Just sitting there.

We left soon after arriving in Itaewon and just went back home to wait for my friends. When they were finally here, they were too tired to go out with us for dinner so Andrea and I left to try this pajeon place we saw on our way to Haagan-Dazs. Met Morgane on the way who joined us.

Unfortunately, the pajeon was disappointing ):. This is the fourth pajeon I’ve had here in Korea and yet, nothing beats the one I had back at Milliore in Sydney…


One thought on “Day 24: Itaewon 이태원

  1. Aw, the new place looks very clean and nice even if it’s a little crowded because of the amount of people staying there. I hope you’ll all be comfortable there.

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