Day 25: stwawberry

On Monday, I went to Myeongdong Cathedral again for mass in my new vans. They were way too small for me (I’m so bad at buying shoes, I always get the wrong size I swear) so my feet were covered in blisters by the time mass ended. Luckily Andrea and the others hadn’t left yet and I was able to find a pay phone and call her to bring me the box my shoes came in as well as my thongs (for me to change into). After an hour of standing at Myeongdong station waiting for them, I could finally get out of my way-too-small vans ):. I exchanged them at the ABC Mart in Myeongdong, thanks to Jha Hyun who acted a my translator!Since it was already around lunchtime, we ate bulgogi fried rice at 유가네.

It was delicious! We ordered 3 servings, but 2 would’ve been enough (since Rose didn’t eat).

Later we shopped around for a bit but didn’t actually buy anything. I’ve found that it’s so difficult to shop in Korea because there is so much choice that it’s a bit overwhelming and you’re not sure if you should buy this now because you might find something cheaper and/or better later.

Anyway, went into SPAO to see they already changed their SUJU/SNSD pictures for the Fall collection!

I wonder what they do with the framed pictures after the season is over…

Then we went into a small, random cafe (didn’t get to see the name of it) for ice cream and waffle (:!

As Monday was a public holiday for Korea, the streets of Myeongdong were the busiest I had ever seen.

It doesn’t look that crowded in the photo but it was really humid that day and trying to walk through people was especially exhausting. So we headed towards Migliore and Lotte Department Store where we ran around trying all the free samples 8DD. Just like they do in K-Variety shows hehe.

Migliore is basically a building (5 levels?) full of clothes shops. There’s one in Dongdaemun too! But like I mentioned before, when you’re in a street full of shops, let alone an entire building, it’s so hard to just go into one and pick something out :/.

For dinner, Jha Hyun, Rose and I headed to Edae! We randomly picked a restaurant for braised chicken, just because it seemed like a healthier alternative. It was sooo yummy. There were a few pieces of rice cake (떡) and potato noodle (잡채)!

I also managed to buy a pair of wedged sandals. They were originally 35 000W but the man said he’d give it to me for 30 000W. Because it wasn’t in the colour I actually wanted, after a long time I decided not to buy it. So then he said he’d give it to me for 25 000W 😐 😐 😐 And of course I’d take it at that price LOL.

For dessert, we had ice blocks made entirely from fruit (: !!

I had a stwawberry (typo on the container!!!) one keke.


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