Day 27: 동대문 & 잠실

I had Japanese curry for dinner on Day 26 but seeing as the day was mostly uneventful, I didn’t write a separate entry for it.

It tasted alright. I was just really craving curry & rice. And it only cost 6 500W. For dessert, Andrea and I had patbingsu at Paris Baguette~

Their little beep-y thingies (the ones that vibrate when your order is ready – what are they called?) play commercials. Way cooler than your average one. It was playing the trailer for ‘Blind’ (with Yoo Seungho ^^) just as I took this photo.

On Wednesday, Andrea and I were going back to the eye clinic for a check up so we decided to have brunch at Bennigan’s which is just downstairs from the eye clinic.

Select dishes were for half price from 11-2pm (I think it was??). We ordered two plates of the Monte Cristo sandwich and a plate of cheese fries to share.

The cheese fries were delicious but the sandwiches a little disappointing. The batter was way too thick. You couldn’t taste anything except for the dough ):.

Afterwards, we went to the eye clinic. I was hoping my eyes had already recovered but then the doctor tells me I’ve got chronic conjunctivitis or something and that’s it’s a permanent allergic reaction to my contacts. Um…………after 3-4 years of wearing contacts, I suddenly get this while in Korea ??? She prescribed me more oral medication and gave me eye drops that I should use for a month if I insist on using soft lenses :/.

We then headed to Dongdaemun for some shopping but apm and another shopping mall was closed until the 18th/19th. We just walked around for a little bit and went to Migliore. But once again, seeing the amount of clothing shops was way too overwhelming. I did buy a white and black under dress though. It’s kind of a necessity considering how see through everything here is ~_~.

It was still early in the day so we headed to Jamsil because Rose told us there was good underground shopping there. I bought another pair of wedged sandals. This time only for 15 000W !!! They’re so comfortable I can wear them even for long periods of time.

We also went to Lotte Mart and Lotte Department Store for more food samples haha. I can get full on food samples, seriously.

I also bought this mango yoghurt juice after trying it out. It was heavenly. Yoghurt here is so tasty, it’s less sour than the packaged ones at home. Usually I hate yoghurt, but here, it’s in everything and is so refreshing.

Had an ice cream waffle from the food court in Lotte Department Store. The waffle wasn’t that great, but the ice cream definitely made up for it. Only 1 500W!

Headed back to Hyehwa after that. At night, Rose and I went to have kimbap and ddeokbokki for dinner! Cost for that meal was only 5 000W.


2 thoughts on “Day 27: 동대문 & 잠실

  1. Reading your entries makes me hungry. ~____~ This conjunctivitis thing sounds confusing. Regardless, I hope it’s not too serious.

    Are you going to go to Caribbean Bay? lol, I don’t actually know if it’s close to you or not but if it is, you should definitely go. It looks really fun. T___T

    • I want to but apparently it’s kind of expensive? I still haven’t been to any themeparks but my friend and I will try to go on a weekend since school is starting soon and we wanna go before the weather changes. Especially if we want to go to a waterpark ~

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