Day 28: 파마하는 날

I got my perm done at a hair salon called Demon Hair in Edae. The night before Jha Hyun and I were online looking for places to do a perm. We wanted Park Shin Hye’s hair in Heartstrings and found several blogs with girls who had gotten a similar one, but at Demon Hair the hairdressers told us it wasn’t actually a perm and that Park Shin Hye’s hairstylist just did her hair every time ~_~. Okay whatever. They agreed to ‘attempt’ it on us anyway.

Honestly, I had a tough time at the salon lol. The thing is that they spoke only Korean and didn’t realise I was a foreigner even though I told them I was (everyone thinks I’m Korean and blabs away at a million miles per hour so that I don’t catch anything they’re saying) and I got taken upstairs while Jha Hyun stayed downstairs so even if I wanted something, I didn’t know how to say it – mostly because I was intimidated and that created a mental block and I couldn’t get any Korean out D: D: D:

The guy cutting my hair ripped my earring off, by the way. He was coming the side of my hair and he brushed my ear and my earring came out. It hurt a lot and I only found my earring after when he walked off and I could look around. The girl washing my hair was patient with me at first but I kept having her repeat everything (I only got it every second time ~_~) and so near the end she didn’t bother talking to me at all. While she was washing my hair she saw Siying’s phone which was in my lap and she asked if I liked Onew lolol (because Siying has 온유 and 진영 stickers on the back of it) and I was like yeah~~ But then after that she seemed kinda cold.

When it was all done (took over 3 hours), my hairdresser explained to me how to maintain my hair but all I got was that I had to blowdry my hair. Lucky Jha Hyun’s perm was the same as mine so we both had to follow the same steps. Put essence in after washing, scrunch hair, blowdry hair while twirling strands and then add essence again. How do people who don’t speak Korean get their hair cut/done ?? Maybe I just didn’t pick a foreigner-friendly one. Anyway, my cut, wash, perm cost 90 000W and Jha Hyun’s was 100 000W.

Jha Hyun had to leave to visit her Aunty after that but Rose and Andrea came to Edae and so we walked around, had street food and visited Ewha University! Their campus is sooo pretty.

The stairs looked like death but the architecture of the buildings is amazing.

We went to Hongdae after that (again, it rained) because I really wanted to go back to snow spoon for froyo!!

I reeeeeeally wish something like this would open in Sydney. It really tastes so good.


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