Day 29: ice cream for breakfast lunch and tea

I left my camera at home that day so I didn’t take any photos. Rose and I went to Myeongdong and shopped for around 6 hours! It was crazy. I also tried the loooong soft serves that they have on almost every corner! I can’t remember if it costs 1 500W or 2 000W but I had a vanilla and green tea one. It was soo nice. The texture is so foamy and creamy at the same time. Definitely need to go get another one soon!!

Before we left, we passed by the Bean Pole store and saw a line of people standing outside of it. Bean Pole models were posing outside of the entrance and you could take photos with them. There were two of them at first, one got onto the unicycle while the other stood there and both were in suits. The one on the bike was reeeeeeeeally good looking. Then a third came out wearing just casual clothes, and he’d put his arm around the people that went out to take photos with them. I was eating a sausage at the time and looked like a fatty and didn’t want to stand next to such good looking people with my mouth full so I passed up the opportunity to take photos with them. I’ve been back to Myeongdong 3 times since then and haven’t seen them or anyone doing the same thing outside the store. It must’ve been a one off thing ;_;.

At night, Jha Hyun came home with a cake from Baskin Robbins for Rose as it was her last day with us at Backpackers Inside.

It looked too pretty to destroy but we finished the cake with no regrets. The ice cream was sooooooooooo good omg ;-;.


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