Day 31: Namsan Tower & Insadong

Day 30 was spent at home sick, but also got much needed rest for a full day of fun and play for Day 31!!

Had Church as usual in the morning, then went to 본죽 (porridge chain store) in Myeongdong. I shared one with Jha Hyun for about 10 000W but definitely more than enough for the both of us.

For sure the most delicious porridge I’ve ever had! Completely understand why Siying was so obsessed with it when she was in Korea hehe.

Afterwards we decided to go to Namsan Tower. We took a shuttle bus near Myeongdong station up to the cable car. Actually, we weren’t too sure how we got to the shuttle bus, we just got out of the underpass and a man asked us if we were going to Namsan Tower. The shuttle bus was for free but the cable car wasn’t.

You could pay either for a single trip or a round trip. We bought the round trip thinking we’d be lazy to come back down, but in the end we walked down from the Tower anyway ~_~.


A lot of the locks outside were actually rusting so it was kind of gross, but from far away it was a pretty sight~

On our way down we realised we were close to Namdaemun so we took a look around.

Not much appealed to me and I have no interest in going back again lol. Also went to the Bank of Korea Museum before going back to Myeongdong for some shopping!

Visited the Red Mango/Cacao Green cafe for some afternoon tea before heading to Insadong to look around and have dinner.

This is 쌈지길. It’s a really cute tourist/shopping area. I didn’t see anything I wanted to buy but I’d still go back again. Lots of artists sell things there so there’s a lot of one-of-a-kind products here.

There’s also graffiti along every staircase. Random DBSK related messages would just pop out at me hehe. There was one that said “Park Yoochun is Junsu’s!”. Pretty funny~~

Walked around for over an hour before we finally decided on a place to eat.

We went to a Korean restaurant called 지화자 (I think??) but the food was pretty expensive for what they were giving us and the food wasn’t anything spectacular so I was kind of disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Day 31: Namsan Tower & Insadong

    • namsan tower is couple central. there’s this one section that looks super tacky for couples to take photos. it’s set up with pink flowers and heart shaped cushions ugh.

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