the calm after the storm

So it’s day 39 now and I’m aware I haven’t updated this blog in over a week. Today is also the first day in over a week where I’m actually at home ‘resting’ so I’m going to take this opportunity to catch up on my blogging!

Yesterday, Jha Hyun and I met up with Rose after a week of not seeing her (as she’s now living in her studio apartment and we’re in our dorms). Jha Hyun and I got to Edae early in the morning since I finished Church before 10am and we went to a Singapore toast cafe called Kopitiam. I ordered a hot citron tea (recommended by Siying, since I still have a horrible cough ):) and Jha Hyun ordered some Kaya toast.

Cute sign for toilet! Hehe.

When Rose got to Edae, we walked around for a bit before going to a Korean place for lunch. I was so busy talking to Rose that I forgot to take photos. But we had budae jjigae. It wasn’t as spicy, which is surprising since I haven’t had spicy food (or korean food) in a while so I thought it would’ve tasted more spicy?? Anyway, it was delicious~

Afterwards we did some shopping around Edae then headed to Hongdae since Jha Hyun really wanted to go. I managed to buy a pair of shoes (24 000W), two skirts, two shirts and two dresses. I spent just a little over 100 000W on all that (:.

We got back to Sinchon late afternoon (Rose went back to her place) and thought we’d have an early dinner since we didn’t want to go back to the dorms then come back out again. We went to Tom n Toms for pretzel and garlic bread.

The one in Sinchon is 4 storeys high!

For dessert, we had patbingsoo (3rd day in a row…) at a place called 호밀밭. We pass it every time we walk to the station and there is always a line outside of it so we figured it had to be good!

They had milk bingsoo (instead of crushed ice) which is probably why it’s so popular! We ordered a watermelon bingsoo 수박빙수 since it was for a limited time only. 7 000W!

It tasted good but it didn’t explain why there was always a line outside the place. The shop is tiny and there are other places you can get milk bingsoo so I really don’t understand why people queue up and wait every day for it…

We walked home after that. I was completely exhausted. Showered and then did the laundry. We started watching Protect the Boss Ep 7 but 20 minutes into it I fell asleep so Jha Hyun decided to go back to her room. Going to edit my drafts now!


8 thoughts on “the calm after the storm

    • I still haven’t gotten sick of it !! I eat it for the fruit and/or ice cream mostly :3 :3. Fruit is so expensive otherwise T_T.

  1. candice u are doing great with blogging as it helps me to look for places i want to go in korea later this year!! keep it up dear~
    by the way do u think i need a korean friend to travel to these places? O_O or someone who can speak korean?

    • Sobs, even replying to this comment, I am 3 weeks late. I’m so sorry!

      The thing is, I usually try to speak what Korean I know so they respond by speaking a lot of Korean really quickly, which makes it hard for me to understand. But I also know a lot of foreigners who came here knowing nothing about the language/culture and they’ve all been able to survive. So don’t worry about it!

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