Autumn breeze

I’ve been so lazy with blogging!! Seriously I haven’t even edited my drafts or anything. The past few days, nothing exciting has happened (except for 2PM Concert!!), just been eating and stuff, so I haven’t bothered with starting new entries. September has arrived and the weather has gotten cooler so it has put me in a better mood! School started on Friday (officially on Thursday but I had no classes) and it was really boring. I am so not ready to get back into study mode T_T.

Anyway, the day before class started for me, I had an ice cream waffle at Beans Bins!

12 000W. It was amazing.

Went to Apgujeong after that.The streets were really quiet. Not sure if it was a weekday or not. It was also kind of disappointing! I expected the area to be similar to Park Lane in Hong Kong, but nope :/.

My friend and I actually had no idea what we were doing and I hadn’t done research beforehand so I didn’t really think to look for the Entertainment companies or anything (will do that another time).

I did come across Everysing though!

In comparison, today was an eventful day. I went to a Wedding! My first one where I actually got to sit through the ceremony and then have lunch (BUFFET!!!!) afterwards.

It was so beautiful ahhh made me want to get married asap. I couldn’t help but tear up when the couple said their vows to each other. I didn’t really understand everything but just the way they looked at each other was enough BAW.

There was so much food. So much that I got full just by looking at it all and only managed to eat one plate, one bowl of soba and one plate of fruit ):.

Jha Hyun and I went to Dongdaemun after that. We kept walking and walking, and eventually reached Cheonggyecheon!

So pretty, right? ^^

Dongdaemun at night!

Had a potato hot dog (we’re trying to save on food expenditure by eating street food/stuff you can buy at convenience stores lol).

Basically a sausage fried with chips. SO FATTY LOL. The batter was too thick so I had a hard time finishing it lolol but it was a good experience. 2 000W!

Watched the dance offs/dance battles/whatever they were since no one was declared a winner and everyone just danced to whatever they knew.

The dancers (except for one) were all really impressive. But they also looked really young. Made me wonder how much of their time they spent on learning dances instead of studying…tut tut!


9 thoughts on “Autumn breeze

  1. hello for not commenting your entries for a while i had lots of exams, tests in melbourne lol

    but do u remember me ? XDD hahaha look back at your very first few posts…^^

    im actually going to korea the end of this year…was wondering i i could ask u a few questions bout it since unlike u i dont know or speak any korean..even hearing and understanding it is like kdrama standard lol

    ill be following the places u have go like the one u mention here ^^ but can i still ask u few questions? mostly bout transportation..and was wondering how u get to these places etc^^

    • That’s okay! I haven’t exactly written up any new entries for you to comment on anyway ^^;;

      I’ll try to be as detailed as possible with my entries so that I can help you find/locate places I blog about :)!

  2. You never received my reply on tumblr right?-.-‘
    Once again, all of your entries make me jealous xD
    Try updating with shorter blogs, maybe that way it won’t be boring and we’ll know that you’re alive and having fun as always ahahah ^_~

    • No! I reply to all my msgs on tumblr so if I didn’t reply, I didn’t get it. Sorry ):

      And yeah I think I’ll try update with shorter entries. I haven’t updated this in about a month I’ve been so busy and lazy. Thanks for reading !!!

      • No problem ^__^

        Do that, please, i want to know what you’ve been up to! (Wow that sounds really creepy..xD)
        Ohhh and also if you want to check mine:

  3. Hello! How are you? I’ve been reading your entries and really enjoyed them, wish you’d update! πŸ™‚ I’ll be going to Korea next week and my friends will be joining me 2 weeks later. I was wondering if you have any tips for the music shows (music core) or Korea in general? We only have one shot at Music Core so we’d really really like to be able to watch it live haha. Thanks! πŸ™‚

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