so goodbye don’t cry

(and smile) It’s now 1am and I have 20.5 hours til I begin my “trip of a lifetime” i.e set off for Korea to begin my Exchange experience! I’m sitting here with a sore tummy right now because I’m so nervous and anxious and can’t believe this will be my last night sleeping in Sydney for 6 months. I’m honestly more scared than excited. I get homesick really easily and have in fact cried myself to sleep on several nights already – and I haven’t even left yet!

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Had a pretty chill day today (:. Woke up at around 9 with my little sister harassing me and telling me to wake up to take her out. Ignored her for about two hours til I actually got up at 11. Took a bus to Westfield with my two sisters but we got on the wrong bus and ended up going around and around in a circle before we arrived at our final destination.

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Green Ps!!!

For someone who hates driving/rarely drives/never drives alone, I think I’m doing pretty well passing all my tests in one go 8D. I just wish it didn’t cost so much to get a license. $38 to take the actual test and then $78 for the license. The license should be given to us for free as a congratulatory present for passing the test, okay!!

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