Day 16: Teen Top @ 110806 Music Core

(Day 15 – Super Traxx Concert 2011 is still in my drafts, I’ll publish it as soon as my photos and videos are uploaded!)

I haven’t slept properly in the past close-to-48-hours. After Super Traxx Concert, we headed out for chicken and got back home around 1-2am. Since I wanted to go to Music Core to see Suju’s comeback, I decided I wasn’t going to bother sleeping because I’d have more difficulty getting up at 5am, than not resting at all.

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Day 2: 110723 Music Core

I woke up at 4.30am this morning to catch the earliest train to Jeongbalsan (정발산) station, where MBC Dream Center is located. I went with Siying, Sara and Laurie-anne and we had 4 MBLAQ CDs and 3 2PM CDs (you need to have the CD of the artist you intend on lining up for as well as ID – passport is fine).

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