Day 24: Itaewon 이태원

Usually on Sundays, after waking up early for mass, I go home and take a nap. Last Sunday though, as soon as I got back, I had to pack everything to get ready to move rooms. Two other girls from my uni are coming to Korea on Exchange and we were going to stay together, meaning the 4 of us needed a new room with enough beds!

What our current room looks like from the corner of my bunk. Continue reading


Day 23: Ice Cream is the best medicine

On Saturday, I was feeling kinda pms-y. Spent the whole day at home, only going out to the nearby bakeries to buy food. At around night time though, Andrea suddenly mentioned the ice cream fondue at Häagen-Dazs, and I decided I just had to have it then and there. I tweeted Bonnie who then joined is in the hunt for the closest Häagen-Dazs store!

It wasn’t too far, just tucked away in a small alley on the other side of Hyehwa Station, near all the other restaurants and pubs. Continue reading

Day 22: China Factory

Yesterday, we met up with Bonnie, her sister and Chuck for lunch! Though a meal at 3pm-ish is more considered afternoon tea, right? We went to a Chinese restaurant located coincidentally in the same building as the eye clinic, called Chinese Factory.

There were no prices listed on the menu but as the waitress was already ushering us in, we thought why not!? Continue reading

Day 21: 결막염에 걸리다

So after Andrea’s trip to the eye clinic, I grew paranoid and wanted to get my eyes checked out too. Sure enough, I’ve also gotten conjunctivitis. I can’t say I was surprised since Andrea and I spend every sleeping and waking moment together. Luckily, I’m still at an early stage of the infection and so it should be okay in a few days. Continue reading

Day 20: Han River 한강

Yesterday I met Andrea’s TA, Yunjeong for the first time. We went to watch Rio together at COEX’s Megabox. I wanted to watch Rio while I was in Australia but never had the time to. So I’m glad I got to watch it here in Seoul! The movie was really enjoyable and makes me want to go to Rio de Janeiro now! Everything there looks so fun and colourful.

After the movie, we decided to go to Han River since it wasn’t raining and Yunjeong really wanted to go have chicken and beer by the river. She called up a friend and asked for directions but her friend actually wasn’t too sure so we ended up getting lost. We went to Ddeoksum station (뚝섬숨) and took Exit 8 towards Seoul Forest (서울숲). Continue reading

Day 17: 과일빙수

Finally caught up on some much needed sleep yesterday. I woke up at 7.45am to get ready to go to church, struggled to stay awake through mass, then came home at 10.30am and napped til 3pm!

For dinner, we had Mcdonalds because Andrea was craving a burger and I wanted fries (after seeing Kyu Won and Lee Shin feed each other on Heartstrings alkdjsfjsdf).

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