Day 29: ice cream for breakfast lunch and tea

I left my camera at home that day so I didn’t take any photos. Rose and I went to Myeongdong and shopped for around 6 hours! It was crazy. I also tried the loooong soft serves that they have on almost every corner! I can’t remember if it costs 1 500W or 2 000W but I had a vanilla and green tea one. It was soo nice. The texture is so foamy and creamy at the same time. Definitely need to go get another one soon!!

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Day 6: 오늘은 슈팅스타를 먹었다!

Siying left late this afternoon and I feel so deflated I don’t even want to blog about today. When Sara and Laurie-anne left, I was already really sad, but I still had Siying with me. Now, even Siying is gone and I feel so miserable alsjdkfd ;((. But I’m still at Backpackers Inside with Andrea and tomorrow I’ll be meeting with Laura and her friends! There are also other online friends who are in Seoul so I’ll try meet up with each of them so that I’ll have something to do up til when the two girls from my university get to Seoul!

I feel so whiny being homesick and all because I know going overseas on Exchange is such a wonderful opportunity and experience but I just don’t feel independent enough. But people have faith in me and I’m trying to believe I can do better than this…

Anyway! Today we went to Insadong (인사동) at Anguk Station (안국) Exit 6, to visit the cafe Yongseo went to.

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