the calm after the storm

So it’s day 39 now and I’m aware I haven’t updated this blog in over a week. Today is also the first day in over a week where I’m actually at home ‘resting’ so I’m going to take this opportunity to catch up on my blogging!

Yesterday, Jha Hyun and I met up with Rose after a week of not seeing her (as she’s now living in her studio apartment and we’re in our dorms). Jha Hyun and I got to Edae early in the morning since I finished Church before 10am and we went to a Singapore toast cafe called Kopitiam. I ordered a hot citron tea (recommended by Siying, since I still have a horrible cough ):) and Jha Hyun ordered some Kaya toast.

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Day 28: 파마하는 날

I got my perm done at a hair salon called Demon Hair in Edae. The night before Jha Hyun and I were online looking for places to do a perm. We wanted Park Shin Hye’s hair in Heartstrings and found several blogs with girls who had gotten a similar one, but at Demon Hair the hairdressers told us it wasn’t actually a perm and that Park Shin Hye’s hairstylist just did her hair every time ~_~. Okay whatever. They agreed to ‘attempt’ it on us anyway.

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Day 25: stwawberry

On Monday, I went to Myeongdong Cathedral again for mass in my new vans. They were way too small for me (I’m so bad at buying shoes, I always get the wrong size I swear) so my feet were covered in blisters by the time mass ended. Luckily Andrea and the others hadn’t left yet and I was able to find a pay phone and call her to bring me the box my shoes came in as well as my thongs (for me to change into). After an hour of standing at Myeongdong station waiting for them, I could finally get out of my way-too-small vans ):. I exchanged them at the ABC Mart in Myeongdong, thanks to Jha Hyun who acted a my translator! Continue reading

Day 6: 오늘은 슈팅스타를 먹었다!

Siying left late this afternoon and I feel so deflated I don’t even want to blog about today. When Sara and Laurie-anne left, I was already really sad, but I still had Siying with me. Now, even Siying is gone and I feel so miserable alsjdkfd ;((. But I’m still at Backpackers Inside with Andrea and tomorrow I’ll be meeting with Laura and her friends! There are also other online friends who are in Seoul so I’ll try meet up with each of them so that I’ll have something to do up til when the two girls from my university get to Seoul!

I feel so whiny being homesick and all because I know going overseas on Exchange is such a wonderful opportunity and experience but I just don’t feel independent enough. But people have faith in me and I’m trying to believe I can do better than this…

Anyway! Today we went to Insadong (인사동) at Anguk Station (안국) Exit 6, to visit the cafe Yongseo went to.

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