Day 28: 파마하는 날

I got my perm done at a hair salon called Demon Hair in Edae. The night before Jha Hyun and I were online looking for places to do a perm. We wanted Park Shin Hye’s hair in Heartstrings and found several blogs with girls who had gotten a similar one, but at Demon Hair the hairdressers told us it wasn’t actually a perm and that Park Shin Hye’s hairstylist just did her hair every time ~_~. Okay whatever. They agreed to ‘attempt’ it on us anyway.

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Day 5: Bau Haus Dog Cafe

Headed to Hongdae (홍대) yesterday to go to Bau Haus Dog Cafe (the one Taemin took his noona to on a date)! We passed by Snow Spoons, a frozen yoghurt and dessert place. I’m not a big fan of yoghurt, but frozen yoghurt is so good. The store is so clean and cute, too!

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