Day 25: stwawberry

On Monday, I went to Myeongdong Cathedral again for mass in my new vans. They were way too small for me (I’m so bad at buying shoes, I always get the wrong size I swear) so my feet were covered in blisters by the time mass ended. Luckily Andrea and the others hadn’t left yet and I was able to find a pay phone and call her to bring me the box my shoes came in as well as my thongs (for me to change into). After an hour of standing at Myeongdong station waiting for them, I could finally get out of my way-too-small vans ):. I exchanged them at the ABC Mart in Myeongdong, thanks to Jha Hyun who acted a my translator! Continue reading


Day 4: 명동에 쇼핑하로 갔다!

This is the room Siying and I were meant to have for the first few days we arrived.

Because the system messed up, Backpackers Inside rearranged another room for us with two single beds rather than one double bed so we only slept in this room for one night. But actually, we both would’ve preferred this room to the one we were in for two nights because it is SO spacious and so comfy. The bathroom also has a higher ceiling. Continue reading